Rpg set around the world of shifters. Based in Louisiana.
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 Black London

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PostSubject: Black London   Black London EmptyThu Apr 07, 2011 8:52 pm

[align=center]Black London Ad

We are the darkness in the Shadows, the bump in the night, we are
what nightmares are made of.

We are the others and we are not like you.

Our worlds exist side by side, overlapping in places but our lives
depend on the lines remaining clear.

This is the story of what happens when the barriers begin to fall.

Black London is a semi-historical fantasy set in 1882 London
during the reign of Queen Victoria but the humans of the city
have no idea they are not the true power in the world. Beneath
the city is the Black, a hidden world that exists along side them.

Once it was a haven for Others, creatures of magic and myth.
Now it is a battle ground for two forces who wish to rule the
city. One wishes to change it, the other just wants to save it.
Your character can help determine what happens.

Our site provides intriguing plot, easy-going members and a variety
of interesting opportunities for you and your characters. We offer
a huge list of different races to choose from because Black London
is meant to be a melting pot of magical creatures. You can play elves,
fairies, gryphons, kitsune, dopplegangers and many more!

Our world is diverse and welcoming.
We strive to work with members
to create a unique roleplaying experience.

There is always room for one more at:

Black London Pbucket
Since Christmas 2010.
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Black London
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