Rpg set around the world of shifters. Based in Louisiana.
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The Wererats tend to work as Police, bodyguards. Some will venture in other career fields. They live mostly in city. New Orleans is one city you could find a good population of Wererats.

Each pack holds a Leader and his two commanders. In the pack there are houses. Each house holds a head that reports directly to the Leader of the pack. The Leader of the pack is normally the strongest.

The house leaders have to be able to protect those under them. Leaders can be Male or female.

**WereRats are known for their strength and their ruthlessness**


Each house can hold more then one mate. A combination of male and female are allowed. This is something like a polygamist setting. All mates have to be adults by legal standards. In order to add mates to a house it must be approved by the Leader of the pack.

The Leader may also assign mates to a house.


Children range from one child up to four at once. Females are doted on during the range of their pregnancy. Their gestational period last 6 months.
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