Rpg set around the world of shifters. Based in Louisiana.
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 Make It Rain

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PostSubject: Make It Rain   Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:38 pm

Welcome to New York City. Some call it The Big Apple, while many others have called it The City of Dreams. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, right? The city is made up of five boroughs, whose inhabitants could crisscross your path at anytime. It doesn’t matter if you are 17 or 47, your life could change without a moment’s notice. And at Make It Rain, how that happens is up to you. We are striving to be different from other sites. No canon lists. No site-wide plot. No cliquey members with that site-wide plot revolving around just them. All focus is on the member and your creativity. But just before you can get too comfortable, watch out for The Rainmaker. The fast-rising anonymous gossip blogger is on the look out for anything scandalous with the potential to stir up a little drama. You just might want to keep an eye on those closest to you. You never know what it might be your best friend sending in the delicious tip you had hoped no one would ever find out about.

So what are you waiting for? Step into The City That Never Sleeps and let’s see if we can .

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Make It Rain
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