Rpg set around the world of shifters. Based in Louisiana.
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Stand United 2n1fgwl

It is the year 2005. . .

It has been two years since Buffy and her friends closed the Hellmouth and woke up slayers around the world. The majority of the Scoobies have taken to England. Rebuilding the Watcher's Council and finding slayers to train and send out in groups.

It's been one year since Los Angeles fell into Hell itself. Angel and Spike are pretty much all that is left of the team. Illyria disappeared somewhere into the battle that constantly rages. Things look hopeless for this small corner of the world, until Angel gets one more vision. A loop hole. Formed when he signed away his Shanshu. Telling no one, he takes off to get himself killed and suddenly, a paradox in time too big for even the Senior Partners to deal with has formed.

Los Angeles is saved, but at what expense? The Hellmouth closed but the slayer line forever damaged. Girls everywhere are forced to deal with new powers, nightmares, and problems they never knew existed. There's no way to get to them all in time and many end up in more trouble than they bargained for. While Buffy and her Scoobie gang are over seas, a conversation between Giles and Faith reveals that a dangerous trend is started. Faith, wanting to get out on her own and away from the shadow that will always be hanging over her by the 'other slayer', volunteers to take care of the biggest problems facing the United States right now. A rip in the fabric of magic located in Chicago, and the many slayers that need more than just training.

Things are going haywire in the supernatural world and it's all centering here. Giles has bought a building for them and now Faith is running her own slayer school. It's not a hellmouth, but it's not good, and it's all hands on deck in the windy city. So join the fight, but always realize that in the end you are nothing more than a

&& &&

***Many Major Canon Still Available!!***
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Stand United
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