Rpg set around the world of shifters. Based in Louisiana.
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 Zoanthrope Investigations

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PostSubject: Zoanthrope Investigations   Zoanthrope Investigations EmptyFri Mar 18, 2011 4:27 am

Zoanthrope Investigations ZI03

Zoanthropes Must…

Not infect humans.
Or face a lawsuit, which would result in staggeringly high legal fees. Nine out of ten cases result in the shifter paying the victim compensation.

Keep their animalism secret.
Or face a fine or prison sentence.

Pay a yearly five hundred pounds zoanthrope tax.
Or have their house, furniture, apartment, etc repossessed.

Obey the law.
Or face a life sentence. The more serious offenses (rape and murder) can lead to execution.

In addition, zoanthrope leaders must prevent their kind (including Rogues) from committing crimes.
Or else they must pay a hefty fine.

Zoanthrope Investigations

Now with a teaser trailer.
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Zoanthrope Investigations
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