Rpg set around the world of shifters. Based in Louisiana.
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 Lodias' Haven (LB)

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PostSubject: Lodias' Haven (LB)   Lodias' Haven (LB) EmptyTue Mar 15, 2011 11:08 pm

Lodias' Haven (LB) Pbucket

The year is 4661 and the world has been devastated by a past war, not between nations, but between humans and non-humans. Though the war ended hundreds of years ago there's is only one place that will accept anyone within it's wall without problem. Lodias' Haven is an island set role-play, with city and many surrounding areas.

There are very few limits on character types, basically if you can think of it you can play it, and with no limit how many characters you can have your imagination is limitless. There is no minimum posting requirement, though the site is an intermediate writing environment, no requirement of face claims/play by's. Quick application process, no need to wait for approval.

Recently we changed sites and are working on starting site plots back up and regaining member count.

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Lodias' Haven (LB)
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