Rpg set around the world of shifters. Based in Louisiana.
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 The Secret: int/adv equine RPG, 1000+ members [LB]

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The Secret: int/adv equine RPG, 1000+ members [LB] Empty
PostSubject: The Secret: int/adv equine RPG, 1000+ members [LB]   The Secret: int/adv equine RPG, 1000+ members [LB] EmptyTue Mar 15, 2011 5:52 pm

The Secret: int/adv equine RPG, 1000+ members [LB] Thesecretad

Watch our teaser trailer!

Have we caught your attention? Watch the full length 3 min version !

Hello there literate roleplayers. Are you tired of bland Light vs. Dark plots, equine RPGs that all seem the same, and plots that don't affect your character?

Well we've got a surprise for you. At The Secret it's not just about good and evil. In fact, good and evil don't have a lot to do with things. No matter whose side you're on, you can be as nice or as cruel as you see fit. But if you live in the north you'd better be tough if you want to stay alive. Here's a summary of what kinds of characters you can make:

  • Southern equines: The Resistance. You like freedom and would rather be left to your own devices. Conquering is not really your thing, you just want to be left alone to start a herd.
  • Weakland equines: The Captives. You keep your head down and hope you don't get beaten up too often. You dream of escaping to the south, but know you'll be killed for trying. Mostly mares live here, though there is a small number of stallions. They usually get beaten down the most so they can't rebel.
  • Northern equines: Tartarus's Legions. You work for the mastermind, Tartarus, the one who blew the news about the object of power out into the open. You answer to his captain Atlas, and you spend your time fighting, bullying mares in the Weaklands, and training colts for the army. If you have any spare time you can gather a small herd.
  • Haven of Hesperides: The Secret Keepers. You know not hate nor greed, and you live within the walls of the Haven. You may leave to explore, but other equines seem so different to you. You live in peace and philosophy, seeking knowledge and enlightenment. But you know what is brewing, and the battle will come to your doorstep even though they cannot break down the door.

We are also accepting staff applications for Moderators and Graphics Designers.

What's going on... ?

There was peace once, though by now it is but a distant memory in the minds of those old enough to remember. There was order and cohesion, and nothing to fear. The Keepers of Hesperides stayed within their walled Haven, and none disrupted their peace. There was always a rumor that an object of unspeakable power lay hidden within those great walls, but in time the rumor grew dull with age. But now a young stallion, maddened with greed, is gathering all the information he can about this mysterious object of celestial power. Flanked by the powerful drafts of the northern lands, he is murdering and taking prisoners left and right. There is only a handful of southern herds that stand against him, led by the mysterious Theseus. If they are vanquished, the Keepers will be on their own. Chaos and uncertainty abound. How much longer can the forces of reason hold off this madman?

The board is set, the pieces are in play. Whose side will you join?

Canon positions open for audition, so join today!

The Secret: int/adv equine RPG, 1000+ members [LB] Thesecretadfooter
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The Secret: int/adv equine RPG, 1000+ members [LB]
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