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 mass effect hollow legacy

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PostSubject: mass effect hollow legacy   mass effect hollow legacy EmptyTue Mar 15, 2011 4:00 pm

Three days ago, fourteen individuals that the rest of the galaxy thought mad passed through the Omega 4 Relay, taking on the bane of all sentient life, the Reapers, and their pawns, the Collectors, in a desperate battle that tried the resilience of every man, woman, and alien. Thirteen made it back alive.

Commander Shepard, the champion of humankind.....of all sentient life.....emerged the victor. The victorious dead. He won, and he brought his comrades home. He'd done all he promised to do, but he would never have the chance to stare down the odds again.

The Collectors are gone, but the true threat, the Reapers, still stand at the corner of the galaxy, prepared to strike at a galactic civilization only beginning to mourn the loss of a legendary hero. His comrades, those who once doubted him, were left with the shattered remains of his legacy and the burden of carrying his legacy......or abandoning it altogether. None believe that they can fill the combat boots of their commander......but some are damn sure going to try.

With the Reapers preparing for their final assault on the galaxy, only one question dwells within the minds of every intelligent sentient being who hears of Shepard's demise-

Who can save us now?
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mass effect hollow legacy
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