Rpg set around the world of shifters. Based in Louisiana.
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Werewolves can be found throughout Louisana. Their work varies.

Wolves have an Alpha male. Some packs have an Alpha female she is the mate of The Alpha of the pack and his second in command. There is also a beta who is second when the Alpha female is not around or there isnt one. The Beta tends to be the Enforcer of the pack. Some pack have an Omega. The Omega has strength of an Alpha, but no desire to lead or be in conflict. The Omega tends to care and teach the young the ways of pack life. Omegas could of been one time Alphas that lost the position to one younger and stronger or a battle that had them lose their position as Alpha.

**Known for their strength and ability to fight as one. As well as their Keen senses**


Wolves will mate for life if they find the right mate. Alpha as well as young mating wolves will mate with any female in needing (heat), if the female does not already have a mate. The Alpha will take liberties as long as his mate does not put a stop to it. Some female Alphas will not seeing it as a way of expanding the pack.


Werewolves will have one or two pups and rarely can have up to 4 in one litter. Gestational period is roughly 5 months.
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